Does Cinema Without Digital Effects Have A Future ?

Is cinema condemned to digital effects? This is already the case for a long time: few people are still shooting with 35-mm perforated films or super 8. This will surely return like vinyl that is currently making a comeback, but the vast majority of film production world is well done thanks to the magic of digital.

3D, Avatar version, unfolds even if it struggles to convince a wide audience. Virtual reality is coming to Cannes – in 2017 with Carne y arena by Mexican filmmaker Alejandro Inarittu – and this year with The Wild Immersion that immerses you, literally, among sharks, the universe of Dracula with Bela Lugosi himself, or an adventure in space in the shoes of Thomas Pesquet.

The motion capture—capture movement—now has stars like Andy Serkis that we tear up. Holograms are invited in the rooms. Drones offer unprecedented shots. Artificial intelligence, largely helped by human passions, writes scripts of scenarios.

But, above all, new technologies are becoming a raw material in their own right, and also capable, thanks to the combined talents of engineers and artists, to rise to the level of art. You want to experiment, test, or prototype technologies by combining the grain of madness necessary to innovate? Contact us for a « creative factory » to share between collaborators.



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