Save The Date : The Powers Of Emotion : September 14 & 15, 2018 – Centre Pompidou !



We are pleased to invite you to the Season 1 program of the Centre Pompidou Accélérations Endowment Fund: established as a result of a meeting between the Centre Pompidou and seven companies that have decided to engage in an original dialogue with the artistic world, the team, and the public of the Centre Pompidou.

All these companies share the same conviction that to imagine the world of tomorrow, innovate, and find answers to the managerial challenges, it is necessary to engage and interact with the artistic creators . . . of today, scientists, researchers, etc.



Accélérations, four high points to materialize dialogue with companies:

– A theme: the powers of emotion

– An international event designed to establish dialogue at the highest level of business, artists, and scientists

– Artists In Residence of the Accélérations Endowment Fund businesses

– An exhibition at the Centre Pompidou

The first highlight of the Accélérations event is held on Friday 14 and Saturday 15 September 2018.

The programming will share light on the « powers of emotion ». Emotion is commonly likened to passion or sentimentality. Gold emotion, whose etymology even evokes movement, is an energy motor and original: it is at the foundation of our creativity and our decisions.

By inviting artists, companies and scientists of international renown around an exploratory dialogue, the Centre Pompidou proposes to discover the emotions through three revolutions currently at work: a scientific revolution with recent discoveries in the neurosciences; an economic and social revolution through, in particular, behavioral finance; and a technological revolution that deploys our five senses.

Voluntarily transdisciplinary, the « powers of emotion » challenge businesses, creative actors, and scientists.

The 2-day program

Unpublished debates in The Grand Salle…

Duets, trios, sound interventions, artistic performances and theatrical images, the Centre Pompidou Grand Salle is transformed into a place of discovery for companies, with three highlights of exploration of the powers of emotion. More than 30 speakers from different continents – artists, entrepreneurs and scientists – come together to explore, transmit, and share emotions.

And also…

A journey of sensory works, workshops with a designer, private tours of the museum’s collections on the theme of emotion…

Among those who have already agreed to enlighten, dialogue, surprise, question the powers of emotion in the Grand Salle:

Artist Lhola Amira; Composer, Pianist and Academic Karol Beffa; Particle PhysicistNathalie Besson; Artist Willem Boshoff; Singer Camille; Neuroscientist Antonio Damasio; Professor and Researcher at the CNRS Laurence Devillers; Piano duet Jatekok; Cartoonist Madame Kam; Artist Abd al Malik; Visual Artist Emo of Madeiros; Choreographer Eric Minh Cuong; Specialist Contractor Empathic Robots Jérôme Monceaux; Master Perfumer Dominique Ropion, and many business executives…

And like a thread, Philosopher and Psychoanalyst Cynthia Fleury.


To welcome you in the best of conditions, please confirm your place right now (space is limited):