Algam / Orum Collective / University of Nantes—LS2N Laboratory
ALGAM Algam / Orum Collective / University of Nantes—LS2N Laboratory
24 February 2020

An artistic, scientific and entrepreneurial collaboration around a new generation guitar – the Lâg HyVibe – to create a show featuring an RV headset and a phone with a gyroscope application to control sound effects.

Algam, a family-owned group founded in 1971 by Gérard Garnier, is a French market leader in the import and distribution of musical instruments with 250 employees. The company is also active as a manufacturer, particularly famous in recent months with the release of the world’s very first connected guitar: the Lag HyVibe. The company’s collaboration with the artist Laetitia Velma, her Orum Collective and the University of Nantes—LS2N Laboratory aims to combine artistic and technological talents around this new generation guitar to offer a never ever seen interactive format of immersive show based on a sound and image spatialization.