EDF Foundation
24 February 2020

A confluence event gathering human sciences and new technologies to better understand the role of emotions in companies.

As part of the “Coup de foudre” exhibition held at the EDF Foundation from March 15, 2019 to October 20, 2019, CreativeTech organized a special “Emotions and tech” event on October 15, 2019.

Designed for EDF employees, the programme highlighted in four acts the arts, sciences and the business’ fields to understand in a playful and didactic way the role of emotions in Tech while reflecting their place in companies.

During this evening, guests were able to discuss with an empathic robot, Spoon, imagined by Jérôme Monceau, contemplate an artistic performance inspired by religious painting icons from the Shonen featuring a young dancer and a humanoid robot, decode emotions thanks to BrainTech and Xavier Fischer, president of DataKalab, and witness the wonderful possible collaborations between art and sciences and companies revealed by CreativeTech. A cocktail was offered to the audience allowing them to see in a new light the 6 primary emotions Angry pasta, ugly fearful green pomelo, onion compote to cry, sweet potatoes with hemp seeds, Japanese ugly and seeds of happiness were on the menu!

This arty-eco-tech program was an opportunity to show how technology and emotions can be mixed—for the best in companies and public places!