26 February 2020

A creative bubble designed for the board of directors of the Finnish tv company YLE with different actors from cultural and creative industries to show the innovation ecosystem in France.

What is innovation? What place does it have in our current cultural practices? How does it contribute to new cultural offerings taking into account the technological revolutions?

First, to provide some answers to these questions, Creative Tech hosted a Creative Bubble “Innovation Ecosystem” for YLE news channel at the Finnish Institute in Paris. After an overview of the cultural and creative industries’ stakes and the ecosystem of creative start-ups in France, CreativeTech showed examples from its Creative Factories that led to unprecedented collaborations and surprising innovations in all sectors of economic activity design.

Second, Laure Kaltenbach, CreativeTech’s President, moderated a talk with some guests specialized in digital culture who were invited for this session. Among the guests were Mathieu Gallet, founder of Majellan, a unique podcasting platform through its personalised content for the user; Line Brucena, President of Gengiskhan, producer of VR content mixing cinema and live performance; and Laurence Le Ny, Vice-President of Startups Ecosystem Contents Orange, presented their experiences and the specifics of their project.

Theses different perspectives and approaches have provided enough elements to give a clear picture of the cultural innovation ecosystem in France, thus nourishing new reflections . . . internationally and in this fascinating (and inspiring) country that is Finland!