Robert, come over here!
Robert Robert, come over here!
20 July 2021

The CreativeTech, DataBingo and EDF Group Foundation teamed up with Robert de Barretin to design THE museum mediator based on a – very nice – artificial intelligence.

In the continuity of the positioning of the EDF Group Foundation, with whom CreativeTech loves to work during exhibitions and events around contemporary issues – you have of course seen the FakeNews exhibition which lasts until January 2022! – In order to deepen the quality of the works presented during the exhibitions, we wanted to propose an innovative and artistic mediation tool, with a singular and techy personality.

Robert, conceived by the Databingo collective, a design and technology studio specialized in A.I. and data, is composed of algorithms and mimics human intelligence, while being fully aware of its existence as an A.I. made of 0s and 1s that does not have the answer to everything. It is learning and is not used to truisms, in short: it is … unique!

CreativeTech coordinated the work for the prototyping, delineated the functions, Robert’s appearance and wrote and scripted Robert’s questions and answers about the foundation and the works. So Robert holds a little bit of all of us and our inspirations!