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Design and materialize innovations, products and services in a model of co-construction between companies, artists and researchers.

Artistic direction, Staging, Scenography

Bring different audiences on board through innovative formats, exhibitions, works and productions combining entrepreneurs, artists and scientists.

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Decipher the innovation born from the alliance between art, science and technology on specific themes – from neuroscience to emotions, from manufacturing to the professions of tomorrow …

“To say that we can participate, be creative in a project that will allow […] to demystify the industry with all the negative images […] is extremely important.

Pascal Denoël, President of the Zekat Group

“With Culture au Future […] generous personalities full of common sense meet and will allow a new kind of works where all our senses will be brought into play.”

Fabrice Hyber, Godfather Artist of Culture au Futur

“The region is launching a new operation called Culture au Futur, an unprecedented experiment based on an original collaboration.

Christelle Morancais, Presidente of Pays de la Loire Region

“We first organized a special event […] We succeeded: last fall, exactly as we wanted: serious and pleasant; rigorous and surprising; incisive and without fatuity.

Serge Lasvignes, President of Centre Pompidou
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