Three expertises to make it happen

Because each project is unique, we tailor our expertise to the specific needs of our clients.

Whether it’s to address an internal business issue, to bring innovation to the forefront through art-science-technology interaction, or to reflect on current changes in order to project into the future, there is always a CreativeTech format that meets your needs.

We offer three formats of expertise to develop new products and services, increase the visibility of the organization or federate your teams around values of co-construction and interdisciplinarity, drivers of new ideas and creative effervescence.

Creative Factories

Our Creative Factories mobilize companies and institutions around innovation projects through the union of different talents to create new products and services. These companies from all sectors of activity are invested with their teams, artists, researchers, scientists and engineers.

Among the projects :
Algam, Colart, Festival d’Avignon, Mulliez-Flory, Toiles de Mayenne, Zekat, …

Artistic direction, stage direction, scenography

We bring a creative and technological touch to bring together artists, scientists and entrepreneurs around innovative formats ranging from the design of a journey of works to the scenography of BtoB and BtoC events to embark different audiences.

Among the projects : Centre Pompidou / fonds de dotation Accélérations – The power of emotions, Fondation EDF – Émotions et Tech, Région Pays de la Loire – Culture au Futur, Ville de Genève – Imagine une ville sans culture, …

Creative Bubbles

Our inspirational bubbles are a source of reflections on the major current changes (neuroscience, quantum physics, ecology, etc.)

This forward-looking approach paves the way for innovations involving entrepreneurs, artists and scientists.

Among the projects: Décathlon, European Creative Industries Summit, Télévision finlandaise YLE, …