Festival d’Avignon- Southern Region
IMAGINE FUTURE JOBS OF CULTURE Festival d’Avignon- Southern Region
24 February 2020

At the heart of the 73rd edition of the Festival d’Avignon, in the Atelier du Cloître Saint Louis, CreativeTech has imagined a new Creative Factory for the Southern region “Les métiers futurs de la culture” (“Imagine future jobs of culture”).

Regarding transdisciplinarity, this first edition was a great opportunity to think about the challenges of cultural professions and to imagine the future of cultural professions.  Working around this same objective, 30 different players have participated in that workshop: artists from all disciplines (theatre, dance, digital arts, visual arts, etc.), national and regional business leaders, and representatives of start-ups, academics and scientists. Based on the profiles of each participant, CreativeTech has imagined and created a methodology and tools to think about the current major changes: digital, technological, social, ecological and civic.

The participants exchanged, debated and use their creativity to share with the audience the result of their joint production. Thus, each group designed and materialized 4 future professions of culture before explaining to their colleagues the concept of it.

A collaborative and transdisciplinary Creative Factory to think about current cultural issues.