Groupe Zekat / Compagnie Mêtis / Polytech Angers
GROUPE ZEKAT Groupe Zekat / Compagnie Mêtis / Polytech Angers
24 February 2020

A project to create a show and stage the Groupe Zekat technologies (lifting arm, handle, IoT)

Groupe ZeKat, headquartered in Angers, is a French industrial group that brings together high-tech SMEs in digital and mechatronics. Through its companies SAPELEM, ERCOGENER, ERTOSGENER, Groupe ZeKat excels in robotic systems, telecom through connected objects (IoT) and embedded computing.

Convinced that the group’s economic performance is linked to personal fulfilment and development, the company wishes to link different fields that often skip each other: technology and the city, In accordance with this vision, La Compagnie Mêtis stages the Groupe ZeKat technologies through a show orchestrating the dystopias and utopias linked to machines. To make this project come true and convey feelings, Polytech Angers, most specifically the SAGI-LARIS laboratory, contributes to software and theatrical programming.