The Next Renaissance We made a book!

Creative, innovative, innovative, inventive: equivalents that complement each other or substitutes that materialize a chicken-and-egg conundrum? Between creativity and innovation, who drives the other?

Less anticipation, more action! A collective of some sixty artists, academics and entrepreneurs from all generations and from 15 countries share their experiences, their dreams and their passions for a Europe bubbling with ideas and concrete actions. These contributors who share their tenderness and their desire for Europe have come together to give reasons for hope, for action and to build a common place for culture, creativity and innovation in Europe. In these times of multi-factorial changes, a new future is taking shape. It is a transition that prepares a real movement: thinking more slowly, more deeply, in a 360° perspective, carried by great ambitions and a concrete territorial policy of small steps. It is a fascinating story that mixes art, technology and innovation.

This book features creators and thinkers from the cultural and creative sectors and industries who are driving this new evolution in technologies and organizations, in cities and the countryside, in businesses and institutions, in private spheres and the public domain. “The Next Renaissance”?




Editions Odile Jacob 368 pages
29 €

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“The Next Renaissance” is published by Odile Jacob on April 21, 2022, to coincide with UNESCO’s World Creativity and Innovation Day.

This book, carried by a European community of thinkers and futurists, under the impulse of Johanna Breuckmann, Bernd Fesel, Claudia Jericho, Laure Kaltenbach, Charles Landry and Pier Luigi Sacco, includes three chapters to collectively reflect on the future of innovation and creativity: Border Lines, Space Odyssey, Stake of Minds. The book is accompanied by a website with additional contributions, in the form of texts and podcasts.

The French cultural engineering agency CreativeTech, which has been creating concrete links between arts, sciences, technologies, companies and institutions since 2017, coordinated the publication of this book.

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