This end of year, one of our dearest wishes is for peace to be felt again in our beautiful country. Despite the political atmosphere, there are still some wonderful projects that gather both art and technology and within them to see, to feel, to listen. Here are few ideas that would contribute to feel the creative and technical optimism so characteristic of our culture.

Data Touch

The meeting of data and music

Get immersed in a musical atmosphere that is both sparkling and soft. Albertine Meunier’s album is an absolute Must Have. Be careful, the album is addictive and the lyrics are meant to hum without any moderation.

A Japanese atmosphere

An art exhibition linked to the year of Japan in France

Be amazed with this exhibition that displays with remarkable elegance the strength of innovation, both artistic and technical, of the revival of the Japanese. To do so, go (silently) to the Fondation Custodia in Paris to witness the poetry of the 20th century Japanese prints.

Childhood memories

Need a receipt to make dough? There you are.

Enjoy a musical comedy that combines—as Jean-Luc Choplin uses to do—elegance, joys of childhood, music and songs whose lyrics, fairy-tale sets and a touch of technological magic, we all or almost all know: Peau d’Ane at the Théâtre Marigny. What better way to make wonderful dough? Be ready to watch the best receipt of pastries ever made.

Ai & Artiste

Just a few more weeks to go to see this exhibition

If you haven’t done it yet, do update your 2019 calendar with an exhibition that runs from the February 7 through 11, at L’Avant-Galerie, 7 rue Saint Claude in Paris in the third neighbourhood (or third arrondissement, to be pronounced with the beautiful French accent).

You will see what can be done and created when an artist Ronan Barrot meets an AI artist.

Be prepared to see the unexpected!

Art at home


A video-table? Seriously? We love it and we want it!

Watching piece of art while drinking some . . . well no matter what you drink, in your living room table or while you are eating in your dining room is now possible. Table.Video LABEL DALBIN a new concept for all the art lovers.

Mix & Match

A souvenir from the Power of Emotions at Centre Pompidou !

Here at CreativeTech, we always have some innovative projects on tap. While waiting for the new projects to be completed, you could see how amazing œuvres, products, talks or performances can be made and helped to enhance your business when you mix tech and art. So do not wait anymore, and like the EDF Foundation, the Centre Pompidou, the City of Genève, Decathlon, or Hennessy, be one of the companies who puts their trust in us.


When art is an invitation to peace

Last, but not least, make a Christmas donation to Cartooning For Peace. The stroke of genius and pencil, that special bond between artists and engineers that makes ideas and dreams come true, is just a click away. No hesitation!

Thanks to your donation, Cartooning for Peace will be able to keep organizing exhibitions and meetings of press cartoonists of all nationalities with a larger public. Whether to raise awareness and develop projects in schools and prisons, whether to raise awareness among young people about major social problems by using the educational value of press cartoons or whether to relay the attacks on the freedom of press, cartoonists work in difficult contexts so let’s provide them with support and assistance if necessary. Your donation will help all of these projects be kept afloat.