Here we are: it is almost the end of the year. So, what could be better than taking the time to be inspired, to dream, to create, by discovering the CreativeTech wish list? Here, you will find some ideas for you to stay in a good mood.

About 3D…

Une création 3D d’Arben Vllasaliu, The Hawk 3.0 © Arben Vllasaliu

If he considers himself as introverted, the Albanian artist Arben Vllasaliu takes us across pop, hypnotic and humorous universes. His 3-D video productions are successions of movements and forms that decompose and recompose ad infinitum.

All his creations are made on software, yet the effects of shadows and textures give the impression of looking at real objects. Arben Vllasaliu’s use of virtual reality questions our perception of reality.

Go to Arben Vllasaliu’s Instagram page to discover his projects.

About time…

Le Temps, Andy Godlworthy

Everyone has their own perception of time: rather too fast or too slow; how time passes does not convenient us. At the end, we wonder ourselves what is . . . time.

The answers to this deeply human concern are poetic, lyrical, artistic, technical, scientific, quantum, philosophical . . . Vertiginous.

We made a “CreativeTech” choice: an Arty and Scientific selection to evoke two sides of time. The marvellous Land Artist Andy Goldsworthy gives us the first answer in his book Le Temps (Anthese, 2002). The astrophysicist Stephen Hawking gives us the second answer in his book, A Brief History of Time; the conception of time becomes crystal clear (trust us, quantum physics have never ever been that easy).

Une brève histoire du temps, Flammarion, 1989, in French 6,00€ Le Temps, Anthèse, 2002, in French 68€

About the future…

Bright Mirror, un projet BlueNove et The Future Society pour penser à des futurs plus utopiques.

Let’s put some sweetness in our daily lives and in our future. Nothing better to do so with a hot chocolate sprinkled (or not) with cinnamon and some readings from the future on the Bright Mirror website.

This project thought up by BlueNove and The Future Society wants to give to people another vision of the future. If it is easier to imagine the worst scenarios where technological innovations become uncontrollable, Bright Mirror, echoing the dystopian Netflix Black Mirror series, takes the opposite tack. This device, which has brought together collaborators from various backgrounds, has led to the writing of thousands of small short stories dealing with the future of ecology as well as the future of AI, including linguistics querie as well as territorial ones. With Bright Mirror, you won’t fear anymore to live in the future.

Find the news on the project’s website.

About industry…

Immersion Industrielle, un projet plurimédia pour un autre regard sur l’industrie ©Hopscoth

What does “industry” mean to you? Factories? Chimneys that rise to the sky? Machines?

What if we took a different look at industry? That’s what CreativeTech is doing with Culture au Futur in the Pays de la Loire region through its Creative Factory “L’Incroyable Manufacture!” This is also what BusinessFrance offers in its newest book Immersion Industrielle in partnership with the Industries and Culture Laboratory of the University of Paris II School of Management Law and the Art Faber Association.

In this project, each field of industry is associated with a word put in texts and photos, far from clichés.

Go to Business France’s Instagram page to find out more about the project.

About dancing . . .

PIXEL, Direction artistique et choregraphie Mourad Merzouki, Assistante Marjorie Hannoteaux, Creation numerique Adrien Mondot et Claire Bardainne, Creation musicale Armand Amar, Lumieres Yoann Tivoli, Scenographie Benjamin Lebreton, Costumes Pascale Robin, MAC le 14 novembre 2014.Avec : Remi Autechaud dit RMS, Kader Belmoktar, Marc Brillant, Elodie Chan, Aurelien Chareyron, Yvener Guillaume, Amelie Jousseaume, Ludovic Lacroix, Xuan Le, Steven Valade, Medesseganvi Yetongnon dit Swing.(photo by Patrick Berger / ArtComArt)

There are shows where the border between the real and the digital no longer exists to offer magical moments.

In Pixel, dancers, interactive video and music meet to stir up emotions. The collaboration of the Adrien M/Claire B Company, with the choreographer Mourad Merzouki and the musician Adrien Amar, gives rise to images where digital, dance and music dialogue to bring to each of its components the necessary elements to sublimate themselves.

Pixel keeps performing around the world, and will be in France in January and April 2020.

For more information on upcoming dates, please visit the CCN website.

About digital craftsmanship . . .

Le Livre infini, d’Albertine Meunier, une oeuvre d’art entre tech et artisanat.

If putting craft and digital in a same sentence seems an impossible mission to realize, Albertine Meunier suggests a work that combines these two fields often presented as antithetical.

At first glance, Le Livre Infini is a collection of blank pages . . . . Then, when you turn the pages, the contents appear, ad infinitum, thanks to magic. And thanks to an RDIF chip. What a wonderful idea to reconsider the book in a digital era that offers the possibility to create infinite contents!

To see other projects, go to Albertine Meunier’s website

About nature…

Black Bamboo, la récente instalation in situ de Nils Udo, à la Fondation EDF, extrait de l’affiche.

December marks the beginning of winter. For nature lovers who can’t stand the cold to go out, the EDF Foundation organizes the exhibition “Black Bamboo” that combines nature and interior. On this occasion, the artist Nils Udo has created an in situ installation.

As in his previous works, the artist questions our relationship with nature, reminds us of its fragility, and makes us think about the threat of the century: climate change.

Black Bamboo, an installation by Nils Udo, La Fondation EDF, from Novembre 28, 2019 to February 2, 2019

About meetings . . .

Points de Rencontres, une exposition et un ouvrage qui présentent le travail d’artistes en résidence dans des entreprises.

Points de Rencontres, an exhibition and a book that both present the works of artists during their stay in companies.

After The Power of Emotions in September 2018, 7 artists have worked in situ in the Endowment Fund Centre Pompidou Accélérations’ companies. After several months of immersion in these companies, some wonderful projects collected in an exhibition have been created under the leadershop of Frédéric Paul.

Points de Rencontres highlights the dialogue between artists and companies, between cultural venues and companies, between the Centre’s collections and the works produced for the project. Rather than opposing the economic and the artistic fields, Points de Rencontres shows the possibilities given when these two areas are brought together.

Points de Rencontres, an exhibition at Centre Pompidou from 23 octobre 2019 to 27 janvier 2020

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