CreativeTech offers you gifts … rematerialized for the holidays.



© YouTube Qleek

For the fans of Made in France inventions, pretty hexagon-shaped wooden pallets are shortcuts to your favourite playlists, artists, and souvenirs: Qleek.

Stories & children

© YouTube Lunii Startup

A great invention for kids: Lunii. The Story Factory, hundreds of stories to be composed in the thread of the imagination.



© YouTube Light Solutions

For those of you who want to see and “listen” to the light in a new way. A creation of almost infinite luminous atmospheres: Nanoleaf Light Panels.



© YouTube iskn_Repaper

For those of you who want to learn how to draw or those who already handle the brush remarkably well! An exceptional drawing palette tablet: everything comes to life! iSkn-slate.

Data Dada Dance

© Julien Levesque

For fans of data dada (like us!) and other poetic arty objects: visit Albertine Meunier and Julien Levesque’s websites.

Dream builders

Contenu en anglais ©YouTube Makeblock

For (dream) builders: Makeblock, the link between science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Light-Book or Lightook (Livremière in French)


© YouTube Le Journal de la Maison & Campagne Décoration

For those who wish to enlighten themselves in the light of a book, discover or, for addicts, shop for new creations of these superb Lumio object lamps.

Creative Techers

What is CreativeTech © Youtube CreativeTech

We saved the best for last. Come and dream in the specific universe of CreativeTech with Pierrick Sorin, Pascal Haudressy, Anthony Rubier, Mehdi Tayoubi, KseniaFossaert, Leonard Anhony, and others.

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