CREATIVETECH TOP 5 ARTISTS ! Des artistes qui ont l’âme de CreativeTech-ers
De Thomas Schütte à Milène Guermont en passant par Albertine Meunier ou Pascal Haudressy, notre sélection d’artistes au style varié.

At CreativeTech, we love more than anything else to share our loves and passions and to understand the world that surround us thanks to artists, engineers, scientists entrepreneurs who invent, with a touch of humor, a philosophical twist, a trick made via an algorithm or a high-tech machine, the objects, services, concepts that shape our daily life.

Shaking . . .

Distorting shapes, changing space and time scales, using all materials including those that are “not fashionable”, seizing forgotten subjects, these are among others the criteria that allowed us to select this top 5.

…For a better balance

The lack of reference is both a source of joy and concern. But the capacity to think and to get off the beaten track is often the way to find the most exciting and mischievous innovations! So let’s help the artists, scientists and entrepreneurs work hand in hand. For the best!

We’ve made the top 5 (making this choice was so difficult and heart-breaking!) among the many unclassifiable artists who thrilled us this spring and who are an incredible source of inspiration for innovation!

Thomas Schütte, an eclectic and unclassifiable artist

Thomas Schütte, un artiste éclectique et inclassable

First emotions in Germany 10 years ago with the figures of Thomas Schütte . . . . The use of scenery by this old Gerhard Richter’s pupil in his theatrical œuvre is fascinating and delighting by the mix of humor and tragedy. He utilizes materials (bronze, steel, aluminium, glass, ceramics, etc.) from their applications and uses unexpected subjects (flowers, fantastic bestiary of the Renaissance, etc.). Thomas Schütte gives food for thought differently and on a large scale. If you want to see his amazing works, go -if not run!- to the Monnaie de Paris or watch the exhibition in two and half minutes via our new Emotional Expedition!

Albertine Meunier  The Collective Data Dada


French Data touch, quand la data devient la lyre d’Apollon ©Albertine Meunier

The parable of the talents: Albertine Meunier has them all, or almost all of them. Do you still have in mind her performance at the Centre Pompidou during The Power of Emotion? Her universe as a digital artist combines childhood objects and technology, data and books, data dada performances (are you ready for a sausage party? or the DataPépettes wheel?) and songs that you can’t stop humming (French Data Touch, data nuggets). Engineer by day and artist by night (and vice versa), she turns objects around to give them a new meaning, create new services.

And she is only one of the few CreativeTech-ers with these qualities: Julien Levesque, Sylvie Tissot, Thu Trinh-Bouvier and Bastien Didier! Jubilant, we tell you.

Pascal Haudressy

Le biologique et le digital, vecteurs d’émotions dans les œuvres de Pascal Haudressy

Late bloomer and yet already so prolific. Pascal Haudressy has many lives. All of them crossing and crossing again in the same day. It’s something he manages to do so wonderfully! You have probably seen his works more than once (Brain, Heart, Lungs) at the Grand Palais, Saint Eustache, Aubusson and the Centre Pompidou on September 14, 15, 16 as part of The Power of Emotion designed by CreativeTech for the Centre Pompidou Accelerations Endowment Fund. Pascal Haudressy explores the mutations that confront the biological and the digital. A real cornucopia!

Fabrice Hyber et Nathalie Talec

Libérez vos émotions et place au coup de foudre ©Fondation EDF

Fabrice Hyber and Nathalie Talec, two unclassifiable and multi-faceted artists who question the living. Right now at the EDF Foundation, where CreativeTech is preparing a surprise for the new school year, Fabrice Hyber and Nathalie Talec, who transform the living world into unexpected œuvres, are combining their creative energies to offer you an exploration of your emotions—immersive, playful and up to a hundred thousand volts. Their works are on display at the EDF Foundation until Ocotober. This is probably the best way to spend a summer dancing (for real) during a ball of Coup de Foudre* while waiting for the event we are organizing there!

Coup de Foudre, exhibition runs from March 15, 2019 to October 20, 2019 at the EDF Foundation, 6 rue Juliette Récamier, 75007 Paris.

Milène Guermont

miniagua at astana2017 concrete

Moving between technological innovation and poetic imagination, Milène Guermont never stops to amaze us with her sensitive and sensory approach to matter, making the banal quite extraordinary. At CreativeTech, we were particularly amazed by Mini Agua, a sculpture in polysensorial concrete resulted from a specific work that gathered modeling and designing of a collaboration between modeling and design concrete, work on shape and magnetic fields which, through the accumulation of water, reacts with the visitor and emits a sound when they touch it, etc. With the transdisciplinary approach of Mini Agua, Milène Guermont let the doors open for engineers and architects to invent and build the cities of tomorrow. Who knows? Our future walls might even talk!

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