This spring, let’s think culture in the future. The Pays de la Loire region initiates an original concept designed by CreativeTech to bring together artists, companies and laboratories of this country. However, one piece of the puzzle is missing in this project: artists. To find them, we launched a call for application!

What is Culture au Futur ? 

Organized around a common theme “L’Incroyable Manufacture!”/”The Incredible

Manufacture!” Culture au Futur is a Creative Factory that put artists, companies, schools, and laboratories from the Pays de la Loire region to work together on artistic production and innovation.

Culture au Futur aims to combine different skills (technical, creative, economic and research) to create works from innovative technological supports and materials.

The prototypes or works that will come out of these workshops will be presented to professionals and the general public during a major event, which will conclude the first season in the spring of 2020.

The call for applications is out!

The call for applications is open to artists with a connection to the territory of the Pays de la Loire region willing to immerse for 6 to 8 months in the heart of innovative and creative companies and to propose an original work.

Open until June 24 at 12:00 pm, it is open to all creative profiles (individuals and collectives) from all artistic fields: visual artists, digital artists, musicians, choreographers, directors, dancers, writers, gamers, designers, craftsmen, etc. The 5 companies committed to Culture au Futur:

Five companies—Algam, Colart, Mulliez-Flory, Toiles de Mayenne, Groupe Zekat—are taking part in the experiment, driven by the desire to achieve an innovative project by mobilizing a variety of talents. These companies come from different sectors and mobilize their teams to invest directly in a joint project with artists and researchers.

To submit you application, download the 5 calls for applications or the one that matches your project:




It is possible to apply to one or more calls for applications, depending on the affinities of the artist/artists’ collective. During the application phase, CreativeTech is the interlocutor. The artists that are pre-selected could ask for complementary elements later.

Requests for information and applications should be sent to the following addresses: The deadline to submit is at noon on June 24, 2019.