“There is an abundance of artists and works of art in the world that talk to us about fake news, infox, false information. So much so that we could make an exhibition of them. Are you sure? And if all this was finally only fiction, only lie… The story of “Fake news. Art, fiction, lies” is all summed up in this questioning. A questioning that was born from a spark in the minds of the EDF Foundation’s managers and that required the creation of a real laboratory to take shape.

Laurent Bigot, Director of the Ecole Publique de Journalisme de Tours (EPJT) Journalist & Lecturer – Fact-checking and IFCNI.

Mensonge © Selçuk Demirel (2019)

Did scientists create the coronavirus in the lab? Were the American elections rigged by the Democrats? Do vaccines transmit autism?

For the first time, the EDF Foundation has brought together experts and cultural professionals to produce an original exploration of a highly topical theme articulated in three parts: the making, spreading, risks and remedies of Fake News.  A collective curatorship where the Creative Tech agency has distilled its taste for collaboration, mixing disciplines and contemporary art.

An immersive scenography by Vincent Tordjman and the graphic designers of Dépli Design Studio crystallizes the reflections and bias of the collective curatorship. In all, 22 international multi-medium artists will be echoing around the big ones in the premises of the EDF Foundation, a former electrical substation built in 1910, which has since been hosting exhibitions with a committed tone and in line with its questioning.

A picture is a fact © Marco Girodano (2013/2020)  

“The Fake News exhibition is the Zeitgeist, the spirit of our time, which crystallizes the main lines of thought, debates and sensitivity of our time. The theme intrigues as much as it makes us smile, frightens as much as it questions. And it is also, in this “spirit of the times”, this reflection of the 2020s, a desire to renew the codes by evolving the methods of conception, deciphering and enriching the works, with co-curators from different backgrounds.”

Laure Kaltenbach, President of Creative Tech and artistic director

“(…) It is a challenge to combine this double approach of information and art in an exhibition (…) Multiplying the points of view, crossing the expertise within a collective curatorship also allows us to take more into account the diversity of the public whose cultural uses are changing very quickly.”

Juliette Le Taillandier de Gabory, consultant in strategy and cultural development.

Go to the exhibition

6 rue Juliette Récamier 75007 Paris

Free admission with reservation

From May 27, 2021 to January 30, 2022

Tuesday to Sunday
noon to 7pm
(except on public holidays)

Lines 10 or 12
Sèvres-Babylone station
Lines 39, 63, 68, 70 or 83

#NotiTweety ©Encoreunestp

an exhibition by

EDF Group Foundation

Jean Bernard Lévy, Chairman
Laurence Lamy, General Delegate
Jean-Maurice Berton, General Secretary

The collective curatorship

Under the direction of Laurence Lamy,
Nathalie Bazoche, Head of Cultural Development EDF Group Foundation
Laurent Bigot, Director of the Ecole Publique de Journalisme de Tours (EPJT)
Journalist & Lecturer – Fact-checking and IFCN
Andréa Holzherr, International Director of Exhibitions, Magnum Photos
Catherine Jaffeux, Head of exhibitions and collections, EDF Group Foundation
Laure Kaltenbach, President of CreativeTech and Artistic Director
Juliette Le Taillandier de Gabory, Consultant in strategy and cultural development

With the works of …

  • Ale + Ale – Interruttore (2017)
  • Chris Bolin – Offline Only (2017)
  • Christina De Middel – Afronauts (2011-2012)
  • Encoreunestp – #NotiTweety 2.0 (2020)
  • Encoreunestp – Make truth great again (2020)
  • Joan Fontcuberta – Orogenèse : Rousseau (2002)
  • Agnès Geoffray – Série Incidental Gestures, Libération I et II (2011)
  • Marco Girodano – A picture is a fact (2013/2020)
  • Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige – Géométrie de l’espace (2014)
  • Karl Haendel – ARAB SPRING #2 (2013)
  • Tsila Hassine & Carmel Barnea Brezner Jonas – Fake Truth (2019-2020)
  • Alain Josseau – G255 (2020)
  • Pierre Krol – Coronavirus : Rumeurs, complots,FAKE NEWS (2020)
  • Kevin Lau – Social Currency / Trapped / True Love (2017)
  • Bill Posters – Big Dada (2019)
  • Samuel Rousseau – Soubresauts du monde (2013)
  • Patrick Suchet – weRfake (2020)
  • Filipe Vilas-Boas – Le poinçonneur de l’IA (2020)
  • Simon Weckert – Google Maps Hacks (2020)
  • YES MEN – The New York Times Special Edition (2008)
  • YES MEN – The Yes Men Fix The World (2009)