Take a break at the heart of Paris and in the Pays de la Loire region with a program full of inspiration!


Invitation: Lesson of Moon by Shonen at the EDF Foundation!

We are delighted to invite you to the live performance of…

Lesson of Moon by Shonen at the EDF Foundation!

Tuesday, October 15, 2019 at 5:30 pm sharp.

Dance and robot… so the magic happens!

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Do you want to see once again the “Coup de Foudre” (“Love at first sight,

Love at first light”) exhibition by Fabrice Hyberet and Nathalie Talec, which is being held until October 20, 2019 at the EDF Foundation?

Enjoy a unique and poetic live performance “Lesson of Moon” between a young dancer and a robot, organized by the EDF Foundation in collaboration with CreativeTech on October 15, 2019 at 5:30 pm sharp.

Lesson of Moon by Shonen

Choreographer and visual artist Eric Minh Cuong Castaing founded Shonen in 2007, creating shows that combine dance and new technologies through performances, films and installations.

Lesson of Moon questions the evolution of symbolic, scientific, mechanical or virtual representations of the body. Embodied by a young dancer in symbiosis with a humanoid robot, inspired by icons of religious painting, a ritualized choreography engages in a process of empathic mimesis. A performance that highlights some new ways of interacting that emerges with new technologies in a community where robots and humans are living together.

A glance at the opening night for Culture au Futur first season “L’Incroyable Manufacture” at The Quai in Angers on Ocotber 8.

On October 8, at The Quai in Angers, CreativeTech launched with a great pleasure the first season of the Creative Factory’s Culture au Futur “L’Incroyable Manufacture!” in the Pays de La Loire region.

We thank all the people who participated in this new and original project: a wonderful Pays de La Loire region, an amazing sponsor Fabrice Hyber, five incredible companies Algam, Colart, Mulliez-Flory, Toiles de Mayenne and

Zekat, five incredible artists (The Mêtis Company, Elladj Lincy Deloumeaux, Maud Louvrier and Pietro Seminelli) who are as fantastic as the research laboratories in robotics, chemistry, engineering, etc. from the region: the University of Le Mans – ENSIM, the University of Nantes, Polytech Angers! This opening night was an opportunity to meet each other and to share our love for science and the arts with some superb performances of Ezra + Alex Machefel and Ulik Robotik (German dancer and robot from the Loire Valley!), the Phonofolium of Scenocosme, etc. At the end, 350 participants witnessed how amazing projects can be helped when technology, arts, and businesses are brought together in this project ran by CreativeTech and the great teams from the region.

The 5 workshops, with the trio of companies-artists-research labs, have started. We hope to see you in the Spring of Innovation 2020 during an event where the results of these unprecedented sessions of co-constructions will be shown. In the meantime, count on us to bring you the behind the scenes of these projects via videos, pictures, events, posts, etc. So, stay in touch and follow us on our networks so that you will not miss any breaking news!