Laure Kaltenbach talks about Pascal Haudressy works.

Pascal Haudressy dedicates his work to art in 2008, after ten years of hard work at UNESCO as Head of Cultural projects where he set up the Flags for Tolerance project that gathered various artists: Robert Rauschenberg, Gordon-Matta Clark or Friedensreich Hundertwasser. With a peculiar aesthetic approach, this Parisian artist of Tatar origins is a precursor of a new art format focused on movement, materiality and immateriality. He explores the deep transformations in our world where biological entities have never before co-existed that much with digital life forms. Haudressy’s works help to connect past and future, nature and human activity, science and myth or East and West.

Laure Kaltenbach, co-founder of the CreativeTech agency, talks about the CreativeTecher Pascal Haudressy’s work.