Boiling brains! Our 2020 summer's newsletter
Boiling brains!

Even if quarantine is not over everywhere, let’s wake up!! The world is wild again, and so are our brains. As the cities flow, the streams gather new energy; our brain opens to an “experimental” outside, ready to try out new things. But is the outside really like before? And what about us? Have we changed? To nourish our reflection, we have a vital need of otherness, to invite our fellow humans to share our experiences, our sensitivities; this is where our ideas are revealed and come to life. The weather is hot; the brain is boiling. CreativeTech is in the mood for creation and realization. We have gathered inspirations and the initiatives that will be the leaven of this season, whatever the context. “If the human sometimes did not close his eyes, he would end up not seeing what is worth looking at.” René Char

7 billion brains on earth 

In the next 10 years, millions of jobs are likely to disappear. What will those brains become? « I believe that the jobs of the future will come from the minds of people who today we call analysts and specialists, but only if we give them the freedom and protection that they need to grow into becoming explorers and inventors. If we really want to robot-proof our jobs, we, as leaders, need to get out of the mindset of telling people what to do and instead start asking them what problems they’re inspired to solve and what talents they want to bring to work ». David Lee, the boiling brain of it all, works to create platforms that make it easier for people to turn fuzzy ideas into concrete solutions : listen to his amazing Ted Talk -“ Why jobs of the future won’t feel like work”- here.

David Lee speaks at TED@UPS - July 20, 2017 at SCADshow, Atlanta, Georgia. Photo: Mary Anne Morgan / TED


With a little help from my historical friends

Why not find the best in turbulent times? The author gathers the experiences of historical leaders, whether they had failed or have had success, the important thing here are the lessons learned. More about the book Forged in crisis by Nancy Koehn here.  Read also her refreshing paper in the Harvard Business Review, about how leadership in those strange times is about taking individuals on their path to success, giving them a role and a purpose, and never forget their emotions, especially their fear.

Speaking thoughts

The French artist JR offers, in collaboration with the Time, a multimedia story confronting the opinions of people that mirror our society: politicians, protesters, gun violence victims, doctors, hunters, soldiers, and citizens. The debate about the second amendment in the USA crystallized through multiple voices. To hear more about this important and relevant topic, click here

©JR / Time
©JR / Time


A very multipurpose brain: what is the common point between Snow-white and torpedoes ?

The Hollywood star Hedy Lamarr is also the co-inventor of the frequency-hopping spread spectrum used for guided torpedoes during World War II.  The invention is recognized as being the starting point of WiFi. To keep us inspired with her tremendous life, let’s listen this podcast.


Our brain is melting 

Among the biggest Netflix’s successes is the Dutch tv-show Dark, an excellent component nourishing our brain cells. After mysterious disappearances in a dull city, hosting a nuclear plant and a lot of secrets, the conclusion is brain wrecking : the question is not were to search, but when. Dark is more than a thriller, it allows us to think again our conception of time and space; maybe the solution is close, very close?