During these last decades, we have developed our capacity to move in space and in time, whereas we still don’t know—at least some of us—what quantum physics is all about. In some ways, reading the daily news, going to exhibitions, watching series and films, put us into different eras, with a disturbing impression that we are not all in tune . . . .

It is this “re” phasing, the way we could build together the future that we want to do through CreativeTech’s artistic experiences and technologies. Whatever the era we wish to reach, CreativeTech’s sharing of knowledge and experimentation produces sparks. This famous innovation, the one that makes sense and connects, is both singular and universal.

Emotional Expedition

First of all, a journey to the past: in Venice, 500 years ago, there were the most famous artists of their century.  Get on board of this Emotional Expedition time machine to find out more about Tintoretto and his mates!


Then, a journey to the future available in 2019 via a private research project for space, WISE – for all of these passionate ones of culture, Earth, even wine, sciences; those who are looking for beautiful futures.

Have you ever wondered about the role of microgravity and related research in microbiology? Much more to come very soon on this absolutely incredible project that combines art, gastronomy and microbiology research somewhere far from Earth, in space.


It is pretty difficult to not see how French innovations are making the show in Las Vegas during the CES event.

Here some inspiring ideas to all the CreativeTech-ers:

– A piece of wood to visualize its data: Mui smart display

– A machine to fold laundry in a fun way: Foldimat

– A robot whose only mission is to make you happy (sic) : Lovot

– A vacuum cleaner with artificial intelligence (we would have been comforted with just intelligence)

– A foldable mobile phone: Flexpai


At least—and almost last—is it just a coincidence or just to celebrate the Tintin’s 90th anniversary that the CES of Las Vegas walks on the Moon?