Centre Pompidou
26 December 2019

A three-day event featuring conferences, performances and artistic works to better understand emotions.

As part of the project led by the Accelerations Centre Pompidou Endowment Fund in collaboration with corporate patrons, CreativeTech designed the programming and Artistic Direction of the event “The Powers of Emotion“.

For three days, from September 14 to 16, 2018, at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the public discovered and experienced the powers of emotion through a journey of sensory works, creative workshops, visits to collections, and lectures in new formats.

By philosophical tradition, emotion is equated with passion or sentimentality. Yet emotion, whose very etymology evokes movement, is a driving and original energy: it is at the foundation of our creativity and our decisions. By inviting artists, scientists and internationally renowned companies to an exploratory dialogue, the Centre Pompidou proposes to discover emotions through three revolutions currently at work: a scientific revolution with recent discoveries in neuroscience, an economic and social revolution through, in particular, behavioral finance, and a technological revolution that deploys our five senses. Voluntarily transdisciplinary, the powers of emotion challenge companies, creative actors and scientists. Whether it is to promote the well-being or investment of employees, or to open the door to new ideas and innovations, emotions allow companies to be in motion through technological or managerial advances. Emotions are also an opportunity for artists to appeal to the public’s senses with the help of technological tools, and for scientists to explore new fields of research in a field where there is still so much to explore.

This first event at the Centre Pompidou underlined the place of emotions in our societies and showed the importance of dialogue between companies, artists and scientists to find answers together to current problems and to co-construct the world of tomorrow..

And to read the France Culture article dedicated to the event:

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