What do we know about time? “I don’t have enough time”, “There’s no time”, “We won’t have time to do that” seem to be our modern mantras. To understand this concept of time better, let’s look at what the current scientific discoveries, discoveries, in quantum physics as in other fields (biology, ecology, etc.) could teach us.

How can this new discoveries influence our vision of the world and our daily lives? Is the relationship to time different in different cultures? Can we slow down or speed up time? How does technology play with time? How do artists sculpt time?

So many questions and fields that CreativeTech has been investigating for several years to understand, know, and innovate around this fascinating topic of time.

To make light on that topic, CreativeTech has picked 6 of their favourites artists and scientists who handle time in a comprehensive language.

 Letters to Bach by Noa

With Letters to Bach, the Israeli-American author, composer, performer and percussionist Noa offers us, with her 30-year-old musical partner Gil Dor, a mesmerizing tribute to the famous 18th century German composer, tinged with modernity halfway between gypsy and jazz.

From Letters to Bach, produced by Quincy Jones (!), she tells us about it on France Culture in these words: “It’s Bach’s love that made me want to invite him into our world. We don’t need reasons to adapt Bach or to immerse ourselves in his music, it’s a bit like praying. I wanted to bring him into the 21st century and then I decided to use this wonderful music to talk about today’s topics, contemporary problems – religion, but also technology, Instagram, Whatsapp, euthanasia, humor.”

Noa will be on stage at Le Bataclan on November 25th to thrill us with this fascinating musical project featuring the must-see songs from her repertoire. And here is the good news: there’s still time to take your seats!

The Clock by Christian Marclay

It took no less than three years for Swiss video artist, musician and artist Christian Marclay to create The Clock, a vertiginous and timeless work built from thousands of existing film sequences in which the hours, minutes and even seconds appear, which the artist has edited in real time.

You have 24 hours in front of you? That’s the time needed to watch (once more) all of this brilliant movies and their multiple shots of clocks, alarms, watches, actions or dialogues, perfect illustrations of the merciless flow of time.

And for the impatient ones, here is a teasing where the artist speaks about his project.   Enjoy it!

Time, by Andy Goldsworthy


Considered as the father of Land Art, Andy Goldsworthy draws his inspiration from nature for which as an ecologist he has a deep respect. Among his various forms of works, the artist always questions the spirit of the place where his piece of art will be settled, sculpting according to the seasons and directly in the landscape with the help of the natural materials at his disposal.

His book, Time, is structured around six places where the artist has worked: the semi-desert of Santa Fe, New York State, Nova Scotia, the forest and coastal region of Holland, the geological reserve of Digne and his native region in Scotland.

What a welcomed temporal interlude to enjoy for those who sometimes feel disoriented by the speed of our urban world!

Layer Drawings of Nobuhiro Nakanishi

In his photographic installations, Layered Drawings, the Japanese artist Nobuhiro Nakanishi, an admirer and sculptor of time, invites us to drive in landscapes and more specifically in skies pictures taken a few seconds apart that are then printed on transparent films. By using this medium of photography, the artist wants to capture and freeze a specific moment, which can be done with the help of a camera.

By transforming ephemeral moment into object, Nobuhiro Nakanishi make us think about our relationship to time and space.

A spatio-temporal journey of which we propose that you to see in a quick overview

La Dark Matter of Corinne Augier

Describing herself as a curious researcher, Corinne Augier, a member of the l’Institut de Physique des deux Infinis in Lyon, takes us into her favourite field: the dark side of matter…

The aim is to help us understand the nature of the Dark Matter of the Universe and the as yet unknown particles of which it is made up . . . .

A fascinating subject and a parenthesis out of time that we invite you to see here in an in-between, the infinitely large and the infinitely small.

The talk “Qui a autorité de parler du temps?” (Who has the authority to speak about time?)  by Etienne Klein

For more than twenty years, the physicist and philosopher Etienne Klein has been dedicating himself to his favourite theme: time. It is true that there are so many differences between the physical and the philosophical approach of time, including a certain mutual distrust. Fortunately, both of these approaches have the same objective: to increase knowledge.

Indeed, among all the ongoing contradictions and questions, one question still remains: does time really exist?

A mystery to which this Doctor of Philosophy of Science tries to answer in this conference that encourages us to renew our conception of time.

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