Pays de la Loire Region
CULTURE IS FUTURE – SEASON 1 Pays de la Loire Region
24 February 2020

An original CreativeTech concept created at the instigation of the Pays de la Loire Region to strengthen the links between economic, cultural and technological players in this area.

“Culture au Future” is an original CreativeTech concept launched in January 2019 and designed for the Pays de la Loire region to bring together the economic, cultural and technological players in the Loire region by involving them in a common project dynamic.

For the 1st season, the theme “L’Incroyable manufacture “/ “Incredible crafts” has been chosen to echo the history of the region, a land of entrepreneurs and industries.

In the past, in old factories, each craftsman had several machines to use alone to produce an object. In a never-ending new beginnings, are we—thanks to robotics, cobotics, artificial intelligence, algorithms, exoskeletons, virtual, mixed and augmented reality, etc.—at the dawn of a new form of manufacture where each one, manipulating various tools, calling upon different talents, encouraging the renewal of the gesture, invents a new way of working together? The new manufacture/craft carries within it the transformations of the beginning of this century: a digital transformation, an economic transformation, a social transformation.

Are you ready to project into the factory of tomorrow? Are you ready to go beyond your beliefs? Are you ready to highlight ingenuity, inspiration, intuition and working together? Are you ready to combine artistic talents, technical skills, and technologies? “This project L’Incroyable manufacture! ” brings together these unlikely alliances so that innovation can emerge to support humanity, the renewal of movement, and the transformations at work.

This collaboration between companies, artists and scientist aims to question the influence of robotics, cobotics, artificial intelligence, virtual, mixed and augmented realities on new forms of “manufacture”.

Five companies—ALGAM (44), COLART (72), MULLIEZ-FLORY (85), TOILES DE MAYENNE (53), ZEKAT (49) for season 1—each representing a department and coming from a variety of economic sectors, participate in the workshops, all driven by the desire to carry out a business and managerial innovation project by mixing different talents.

After a launch event on October 8, 2019, at The Quai in Angers to present the trio and the Culture au Futur approach to the region’s business, cultural and scientific networks; multidisciplinary workshops—the famous CreativeTech Creative Factories—will take place over a period of 6 to 8 months. These workshops will combine technical skills (the expertise of a company), research and development skills (from universities and laboratories) and creative skills (artists, designers) to encourage the creation of works from new technological supports or materials. At the end of this co-construction work led by CreativeTech, the works-innovations will be unveiled to general audience and professionals during an original event designed by CreativeTech on June 19 and 20, 2020 in Nantes as a conclusion of this first season.

The five trinomial of the Pays de la Loire region for the 1st season of Culture au Futur:

  • Algam (music distributor) / Orum Collective/ the University of Nantes-LS2N Laboratory: an immersive performance around the innovative guitar, the Lâg Vibe.
  • Colart (supplier of fine art materials) / Elladj Lincy Deloumeaux / the University of Nantes – CEISAM Laboratory: an experiment around chemical reactions and colors
  • Mulliez-Flory (professional clothing manufacturer) / Maud Louvrier-Clerc / Sébastien Lahaye Polytech Angers: a prototype around work clothing
  • Toiles de Mayenne (manufacturer of interior fabrics) / Pietro Seminelli / the University of Le Mans: a prototype around the acoustic qualities of textiles.
  • Zekat Group (company specialized in high technology) / Compagnie Mêtis / Polytech Angers: a performance around man-machine interactions

To learn more about the project, do watch the videos and photos.