26 February 2020

A talk to think differently about the place of emotions in a company.

CreativeTech shared with 400 engineers and Decathlon employees the benefits of collaboration between arts, sciences and companies during a talk dedicated to the place of emotions.

Laure Kaltenbach, president and co-founder of CreativeTech has reconsidered the role of emotions in a company. Rather than considering emotion as a persona non grata, neuroscience allows us to understand emotions in a new light, leading to innovation in management and also in products or services offered by companies.

During this talk, CreativeTech has highlighted how companies can innovate, hijack technologies and imagine the world of tomorrow by working hand to hand with scientists and artists.

Thus, mixing talents—the technical knowledge of the company, the creativity of the artists, the inventiveness of scientists, researchers and engineers—opens the way to new projects, new innovations, enough to encourage everyone to build the future together.