European Creative Industries Summit 2019
MAKING THE FUTURE IMPACT European Creative Industries Summit 2019
26 February 2020

An annual meeting to discuss culture and business in Europe

Led by the European Creative Business Network (ECBN), created in 2011, the European Creative Industries Summit meets annually in a European country to inspire and be inspired by the links between creation and the economy in Europe.

For this 9th Summit at the Kaapeli Centre in Helsinki (Finland) on September 10 and 11, 2019, CreativeTech was pleased to give a talk on how companies could make an impact hence the topic: “Making the future IMPACT”. Laure Kaltenbach, president and co-founder of the agency, shared her views on the need for companies to collaborate with scientists and artists to generate innovation, create products and services that make sense and create impact. CreativeTech showed how each player can benefit from the links between arts, science and business. Thus, CreativeTech presented the results of the creative factories and events for which it provided artistic direction and editorial design – “The Power of Emotion” for the Centre Pompidou-AccelĂ©rations Endowment Fund, “Culture au Futur” for the Pays de la Loire region, or ” Imagine future jobs in culture” at the Avignon Festival.