Our Back to School Reality ! Virtual Reality Everywhere 💡 !

Our back-to-school reality!

Feel, vibrate, share emotions—and yes, technologies are not only an accumulation of lines of code; they also lead us to new sensory possibilities. Among them, the-not-so virtual reality (VR) is one that we particularly like! It’s not so much the technology. Having a helmet on your head and a suit of armor on your back is not our favorite back-to-school outfit—as the creative and artistic universes that are multiplying and showing; if it were necessary, that talent is getting into all possible technical interstices.  VR is now firmly anchored in our ways of experimenting and is “virtual” in name only! Vector of sensation, link and emotion, VR is a new material paradoxically very real ! Indeed, it can be used everywhere: opera, theater, exhibition, heritage, etc.

Our reality of the fall: what if VR had to change its name to be consistent with its promise? While waiting to find the genius idea, we share some achievements to live urgently made possible by this technology—and that pleases us! DO YOU HAVE A GENIUS IDEA?  Share it / Vote HERE!

Current Rising © London Opera

Current Rising © London Opera

Back to the Future

© Medhi Tayoubi
Crédit CreativeTech

© Medhi Tayoubi 

Towards a poetic dimensional portal

Exposition aux Champs Libres  "Mirages & Miracles" ©Adrien M & Claire B
Extracts Unity / Photographs of the apartment ©Greg Madison on Twitter

Exhibition at Champs Libres  “Mirages & Miracles” ©Adrien M & Claire B          

Human/actors in virtual sets

Excerpt from Soft Love ©Cie Clair-Obscur

Extrait de la pièce Soft Love  ©Cie Clair-Obscur
Excerpt from Soft Love ©Cie Clair-Obscur

Homemade mixed reality

Extraits Unity / Photographies de l'appartement ©Greg Madison on Twitter

Extracts Unity / Photographs of the apartment ©Greg Madison on Twitter

In preparation of a (very) beautiful realization…

Creative Tech has been working on an exhibition virtualization project for several month ! We can’t tell you more about it for the moments, but we can’t wait to present you this exciting hybrid project that we are very proud of !

We’ll tell you more soon !